Fáilte! Welcome to Dagda Metalwork Celtic Art.

My name is Chris O’Regan and I was born in Dunedin, New Zealand of Irish/Scottish descent. I work in the medium of Celtic Art,mainly in Copper. I etch the metal and apply Patination.

I am a self-taught Artist, learning various techniques through various aspects of fine art and crafts.These include Jewellery , Drawing, Sculpture and Etching.In the Gallery (Celtic Designs) you can view the different designs which are available as a  Pendant,a Brooch or an Etching.My work is based on Sacred Geometry, a simple yet beautiful expression of Art and Life, made using a drafting compass, a ruler and some basic math. Most of my Celtic Designs are based on the number 3 (like the triskele below),an important number in Irish and Celtic Art and Myth.