O’Donovan Rossa

Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa (Irish Diarmuid Ó Donnabháin Rosa;  baptised 4 September 1831, died 29 June 1915)  was an Irish Fenian leader and member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

This Photo Etching is made from an original photo from his prison mugshot from the 1860’s ( I think ) and to me reflects the defiance in his life. His eyes show a sadness, anger but ultimately an unbreakable spirit.

Born and raised in Rosscarbery, West Cork of County Cork in the South of Ireland during the Great Irish Famine, O’Donovan founded the Phoenix National and Literary Society and dedicated his life to working towards the establishment of an independent Irish Republic. He joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood and after fleeing to the United States as part of the Cuba Five, he joined Irish revolutionary organisations there, beyond the reach of the British Empire. He was a pioneer in physical force Irish republicanism utilising dynamite in a campaign of asymmetrical warfare, hitting the British Empire on its home territory, primarily London.

There is a great Documentary on his life by his Great Grandson called Rebel Rossa well worth a look.