Celtic High Cross 70mm Necklace (bright)

$ 55.00

My name is Chris O’Regan and I am a metalsmith working in the Celtic tradition.The Celtic High Cross is found throughout the Celtic Nations and is exclusive to these lands.It’s uniqueness is found in the circle that surrounds the Cross and the geometrical patterns that lie within this circle.
The Cross incorporates ancient patterns used prior to the arrival of Christianity. The symmetry found in this work shows a fine detail and a simple elegance.



My name is Chris O’Regan and I am a Metalsmith working in the Celtic tradition.This artwork is a piece of Celtic copper jewellery titled ” Celtic High Cross “.

The copper is finished with a clear acrylic spray to protect the work.Supplied with an adjustable roped polyester cord (NZ made)
Comes with a card with a description of the work and how it is made.
Size 50 mm (2  inches) across by 75 mm (3 inches) highh

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Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 7 × 5 cm


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